eSales Hub: What Are The Advantages Of Lead Generation Marketing?

eSales Hub: 5 Phenomenal PPC Marketing Tips For Getting Better Leads

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Pay-Per-Click marketing (PPC) is a highly effective method of lead generation, helping organisations achieve better ROI and driving more revenue. In fact, paid advertisements generate an incredible 200% ROI! PPC marketing should be an important consideration in your lead generation strategy, and we’ve put together five powerful PPC tips that are sure to help. 1.     […]

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eSales Hub: How do you generate more leads from local search?

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Are you missing out on 50% of your customers? Google Data shows 46% of searches on Google are local, with 66% of searchers wanting content tailored to their location. Google and Facebook have spent millions enabling you to targets users based on their location. However, Google data also shows 71% of local searchers call as […]

eSales Hub: LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation

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Increase your LinkedIn leads by up to 234% Most businesses set up a LinkedIn page. But did you know it can be a lucrative source of leads if implemented correctly? LinkedIn has transformed itself into the best business directory in the world with over 225 million business profiles – everybody seems to be on LinkedIN. […]