eSales Hub: LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation

eSales Hub: LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation

Increase your LinkedIn leads by up to 234%

Most businesses set up a LinkedIn page. But did you know it can be a lucrative source of leads if implemented correctly?

LinkedIn has transformed itself into the best business directory in the world with over 225 million business profiles – everybody seems to be on LinkedIN. But how do you generate high quality sales leads from LinkedIn?

However, unlike other sources of lead generation, LinkedIn has a number of resources, that used effectively, can help you generate leads successfully:

  • How your describe yourself enables you to engage with new connections as well as appear in searches
  • Your personal about page can direct people to what you do and the value you can provide them
  • The featured panel allows you to highlight video and content that you want to push
  • It lists recommendations, further enhancing your proposition
  • Your experience allows you to link to further content and reinforce your proposition
  • You can post regular updates.

Managing all of these elements along with targeting the right contacts in the right way on LinkedIn is what will make a success, or failure, of a LinkedIn lead generation campaign.

We developed our LinkedIn lead generation service by generating leads for ourselves first. We got in-front of some really big clients that we couldn’t get into any other way. It was so successful, LinkedIn is now in our top 3 sales channels, providing good quality meetings at an affordable price.

Mark Taylor, CEO

eSales Hub

Why should you use a managed LinkedIn Lead Generation Service?

To get the most from LinkedIn, and to generate the most leads, you need to understand how LinkedIn works and the social etiquette of the network. We have expertise in this field, and we know it behaves differently.

Not only in the information you need to present on your LinkedIn pages, but how you approach contacts and the message you send them and follow-up strategy.

Although LinkedIn is a social channel, members don’t just want to be sold to. They want to learn new things that are relevant to their role.

Just targeting the different industries with the same message just doesn’t cut it. You got to make your message relevant to each individual and give first; nothing beats the offer of a free coffee, free piece of research and or to attend a free event that relevant to them.

Once you’ve generated leads from LinkedIn, you’ve got to have a follow-up process and the ability to track the outcome of each lead. Our next generation platform does this, enabling eSales Hub to track each lead so we can find more of the ones that are successful, and less of the ones that aren’t.

Start generating high converting, exclusive leads from LinkedIn today with eSales Hub.