eSales Hub: What Are The Benefits Of Google Ads?

eSales Hub: What Are The Benefits Of Google Ads?

The world of online advertising provides a wealth of opportunities for companies who want to grow, build better customer relationships and drive more sales. An online advertising platform that is sure to put you on the road to success is Google Ads.

When used in the right way, Google Ads can put you in front of countless consumers who are interested in your products and services. There are many advantages to using Google Ads and we’ll explore some of them in this article.

A lead generation goldmine

One of the biggest benefits of Google Ads is that it’s an extremely effective lead generation tool. By setting up specific Google Ads campaigns, you can focus on consumers who are looking for products that solve their unique problems and encourage them to click through to your website.

There are several types of Google Ads campaigns that can be used for lead generation, ranging from search ads to shopping ads. Depending on your goals, you might choose to use one or more of these ad types.

For example, an eCommerce brand would benefit from using shopping ads to promote a specific range of items. This type of ad would be suitable because the brand can include detailed product information, pricing, and imagery in the ads to provide more context.

A faster turnaround than SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a great method for generating organic traffic and leads. However, good SEO takes time to be effective, usually anywhere between 3 – 12 months.

Google Ads tends to product faster results than SEO because you pay for ads to appear at the top of Google instantly and you can focus on multiple keywords at once across ad campaigns.


An exceptional return on investment

When using Google Ads, you’re likely to see a high ROI overtime because you only pay for ads people click on. To make sure you can achieve this ROI, you need to constantly test and track your campaigns and define an approach that works best for you.

This process is made easier by the fact that Google Ads offers a transparent look at the type of conversions that may be generating ROI e.g., product purchases, newsletter sign-ups etc.

If you identify areas of a campaign that are losing money, then alter it and invest in the strategies that are seeing the most success.


High-quality traffic sources

Another benefit of using Google Ads is that you can tap into the massive audience that Google brings in. With a cool 92.8% share of the search engine market, Google can send a huge amount of traffic to a business who has the right budget applied to their ads.

With Google search engine algorithms always evolving, there’s the added benefit of only the most relevant ads being displayed. This means you can generate personalised leads from audiences who’re looking for specific products and continue to grow your audience.


Find out more about your customer behaviour

Through using the Google Ads platform, you can gain valuable insight into your customers and use it to refine your lead generation ad campaigns. Some of this data includes:

  • Keywords people used to find your website
  • Location consumers are searching from
  • Time of day they are searching
  • Devices that are being used

With this knowledge, you can improve your products and services offering and be more strategic with your marketing budget.


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