Lead Generation for the Estate Agent and Conveyancing Industry

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Get the data insight you need without the guesswork to get more people wanting to sell their home

eSalesHub’s state-of-the-art lead generation analytics platform is a game-changer for estate agents and conveyancers. Use the power of artificial intelligence to attribute offline sales to your online marketing in real-time, enabling you to generate more sales, reduce your cost per sale, increase customer insight and bridge the data gap online click to offline sales, particularly with a branch network, can create.

Listening to thousands of calls to establish sales and customer insights requires a team of people. But AI-powered call tracking can do the heavy lifting, so you know what is happening in your call centre and branches at the touch of a button.

Our powerful AI categorises every call in real-time, providing you with a source of measurable sales leads and powerful customer insight, categorised by call centre and branch. Discover those that are calling to book a proeprty appraisal versus those that just want a valuation over the phone. Get data easily on customers that want to instruct you for their conveyancing requirements instead of those that just want a cheap quote so you drive your sales conversion.

Don’t let multi-site performance reporting get in the way of business improvement. eSalesHub bridges the data gap for enhanced sales and customer service reporting for estate agents and conveyancing businesses alike.

Generating leads for the Estate Agent and Conveyancing industries

  • How can I generate more property appraisal leads more cost effectively?
  • How many genuine sales calls am I generating by branch?
  • What are my most valuable channels for generating conveyancing sales?
  • What are customers complaining about most?
  • Where are we delivering exceptional customer service?
  • Why am I getting more calls in Branch A, but Branch B has better sales?
  • What is letting our service delivery down?
  • Where do I investment more marketing budget to generate more sales cost effectively?

Generate more sales by building the complete picture of online clicks to offline sales

By tracking your calls through the power of artificial intelligence voice analytics, you will be able to identify the channels that are generating the most sales. This enables you to invest more marketing budget in areas that deliver profit.

Reduce your cost per sale

Understand the channels and campaign that are not driving clicks, calls, and sales to better evaluate the performance of your marketing, content, products, and more to reduce your cost-per-sale.

Insight from every customer call

Access eSalesHub’s unique AI-powered analytics platform for powerful customer insights from every call. No time delay, no time-consuming listening to conversations – just get the most out of your data.

Bridge the data gap

Make calls as measurable as online clicks through the power of artificial intelligence. eSalesHub’s platform can categorise more than 10 types of call category, and bespoke reporting lets you measure KPIs.

Connects to your favourite marketing software

Integrate our tech with your favourite marketing tools for a complete customer picture. From initial click to net promoter score, integrate into Google Analytics along with Google’s SA360 and GA360 products, CRM systems Salesforce, Adobe, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Hubspot, as well as media channels like Google Ads, Bing, Facebook and Mailchimp.

Support to help you get the most from your data

Our account support is not just a help desk. A team of experts who specialise in source reporting, customer insights, and data analysis will help you get the most out of your data with regular reports.

Designed for you

Easily access call data with an easy-to-use interface and shareable reports, while intuitive tools help you save time and increase efficiencies. Create bespoke reports and don’t get held back by generic, inefficient reporting again.

Get the most from your data with free account management

Our account support is not just a help desk but team of experts who specialise in source reporting, customer insights, and data analysis to help you get the most out of your data with regular reports. Need a new bespoke report created, our account management will get it sorted for you. Need some data analysis for a board report, no problem. And best of all, our account management is free.

There’s a plan whatever your business needs

Managed lead generation service

We pay for Google and Facebook, you only pay per exclusive inbound lead. Choose our fully managed service if you don’t have the time or resource to manage parts of your campaign in-house.

You do it yourself

Bridge the gap through your customer journey with more data. Power your own lead generation strategy with artificial intelligence, enabling you to analyse call and sales data in one place.