We Pay for Google and Facebook, You Pay per Lead Generation

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Want to grow your service business with more sales leads?

Get Ready to Own Lead Generation For Your service Industry

We Pay for Google and Facebook, You Pay Per Lead

Our fully managed service is as simple as it sounds. You only pay per lead, not per click. We will take the risk of your Google spend and provide you with exclusive inbound leads, generated in your brand.

Get leads with our optimised landing pages

We create you a fully optimised and bespoke landing page with a focus on converting users to make an in-scope enquiry. Our team of experts consistently track and measure the performance of your page to ensure you’re receiving all the leads you can handle.

Calls Tracked using call360

AI call tracking so you can monitor inbound calls in real-time to categorise their outcome without having to listen to a call, increasing efficiencies, return on investment and reducing your cost per sale.

Risk free lead generation

Our fully-managed service is as simple as it sounds – you only pay per lead, not per click. We will take the risk of your Google spend and provide you with exclusive leads.

Our call tracking platform scans each call using AI, so we know in an instant which calls were converted into a sale, so you don’t have to feedback on each call. We can then optimise your campaign to generate more sales with a higher order value.

Increase your sales conversion and profitability through increased levels of data insight. From demographic analysis to discovering why specific customer groups don’t convert, you will be amazed what you learn about your customers.

The only end-to-end lead generation service using artificial intelligence to transform your sales

Our campaigns start with the development of a series of optimised landing pages, created in your brand, using our Accelerated Landing Pages technology. We then set-up your campaigns on Google, Facebook, Bing, Mailchimp, and Google My Business based on your requirements, optimising each channel throughout the life of the campaign to generate more sales leads.

Our next-generation call-analytics platform then scans each inbound call using artificial intelligence to establish whether it was a viable lead and the outcome – whether it is a sale, an appointment, or a quote. The technology also highlights calls that should not be included in your results, such as a previous customer phoning up to pay their bill.

We then optimise your campaign based on the sales you have generated from our leads, ensuring that we not only generate more leads, but your cost-per-sale falls over the lifetime of the campaign.

We manage your online campaigns, you pay per lead

Dramatically reduce your cost-per-sale by only paying for leads instead of clicks. From Google Ads to Facebook, Google My Business, to Bing and e-mail campaigns, we take the risk of your media spend and only charge you for every lead we generate – giving you the leads you need to grow your business without the time it takes to manages multiple online campaigns yourself.

You don’t just pay for leads, you get free account management too!

Our account support is not just a help desk, but a team of analysts who will help you find missed opportunities and allow you to grow sales. Our experts specialise in source reporting, customer insights, and data analysis to help you get the most out of your data. And best of all, our account management is free.

Outsource your online campaign today for risk-free lead generation

Not got the time to optimise your online spend and just want to pay for leads?

Our managed lead generation campaign option is perfect if you want to outsource generating exclusive leads without the risk. Simply tell us what online channels you would like us to manage and optimise and only pay for exclusive leads – we take the risk out of your media spend.

Google Ads Campaign

We run search campaigns on Google Ads on your behalf. You don’t share any leads, they come straight to you from prospects who have already seen your brand and understood what your product or service is via the landing pages we create for you.


We can dramatically increase your lead volume and quality with Facebook users through lookalike campaigns. We manage the creative, targeting and budget so you pay just pay for sales leads.

Bing Ads Campaign

Underrated by many, Bing Ads doesn’t get the same search volume as Google, but is still a source of quality leads.

Google My Business Campaign

We will schedule your Google My Business posts, manage your reviews, and synchronise entries across multiple locations – driving more sales for you.

Email Campaigns

Schedule your e-mail campaigns with ease and just pay for the leads that are generated, ensuring you make the most of your customer database.

Google Compliant Landing Pages and Content

Fully optimised and developed for driving inbound phone leads, our landing pages will ensure your campaign is a success.

AI-Powered Call Analytics

Our next-generation lead gen platform harvests data from every call so we can get instant feedback – enabling us to optimise your campaign faster to drive more leads, lower your cost-per-sale, give you a clear return on investment, and provide real-time customer feedback on your business.

Free Account Management

Our account support is not just a help desk but a team of experts who specialise in source reporting, customer insights, and data analysis to help you get the most out of your data with regular reports.


Integrate into your favourite platforms with ease

Frequently Asked Questions

There will be many questions you’ve got, but here are some of the questions we get regularly asked.

It depends on the industry you operate in. Our margin is fixed so it depends on the click cost and how the nature of your industry impacts lead price. During the initial go-live process, we will complete a Return on Investment Model for you to confirm your lead price, so you know exactly where you stand.

Yes. You get access to our online call tracking analytics tool which allows you to reject leads. We already have the ability to reject most out-of-scope leads automatically, but the few that may slip through each month you can reject manually.

For the first three months you have a seven-day notice period. After three months it switches to a 90-day get-out. This is to protect both parties should either wish to end the campaign.

Yes, we are actually live in North America, Germany, Italy, the middle-east and Australia as well as the UK. Our plan is to go as far and as wide as we can as Google works in the same way throughout the world.

Google approached us in March 2018 as they recognised us as a partner with high-growth potential. To help accelerate this growth, Google are supporting us with a number of initiatives, such as helping our coders better understand Google and helping us with business strategy. They then awarded us Google Premier Partner status in September 2019, recognising eSalesHub as being in the top 3% of partners worldwide.

Yes, we are an approved API partner for Facebook. We have produced our own technology to export Facebook Lead Form data in real-time to our clients CRM systems. This improves lead conversion dramatically, so we thought it was worth the investment.

We are looking to add channels like Taboola and Outbrain to our lead generation portfolio as a number of our existing clients have asked for this. As and when other channels pop-up, we will include them once we’ve tested them and we can be sure of the lead quality they produce. Anybody can produce leads, our edge is being able to produce leads that have a high conversion.