eSales Hub: How do you generate more leads from local search?

eSales Hub: How do you generate more leads from local search?

Are you missing out on 50% of your customers?

Google Data shows 46% of searches on Google are local, with 66% of searchers wanting content tailored to their location. Google and Facebook have spent millions enabling you to targets users based on their location.

However, Google data also shows 71% of local searchers call as part of a transaction. Without effective call tracking analytics, your local search campaign will be hard to quantify.

Local search within Google’s algorithm is also defined differently, so you’ll need location pages that contain very specific code and content for them to rank and not appear as ‘gateway’ pages.

Take advantage of this opportunity to add an additional channel of high-converting leads for your online campaign.

We manage local search, you pay per lead.

eSales Hub have been instrumental in generating more leads that from local search than we’ve had before. We can now strategically choose which areas to drive more or less leads, enabling us to be ‘lazer’ targeted as to the needs of the business change from location to location.

Andy Mitchell, Marketing Director

RED Driving School

Why local landing pages drive more sales leads

Our campaigns and pages are produced for one reason; sales leads. We’ve developed our local landing page technology to give you industry leading page conversion rates (unique users to lead conversion) for increased performance.

Our landing pages come with schema mark-up, AMP ready and with a sticky call to action as standard for improved performance.

66% of searchers respond higher to ads targeting their location

Click through rates are the all-important metric to measure how well people are responding to your content on Google or Facebook. Even if you aren’t ‘local’ you can use geo-targeting to precision target your best converting customers for improved performance.

Not only do we have external data to benchmark against, but our own industry data, so you’ll know exactly where your campaign is performing in relation to industry benchmarks.

How does eSales Hub Work?

Our next generation call analytics platform tracks the source of each click, then uses AI to determine the call outcome so you can see exactly which search queries and campaigns on Google Ads, or traffic sources like Facebook or Mailchimp, have generated the most sales or highest sales conversions.


See in an instant which search queries and campaigns are driving the best ROI for you. Optimise your campaign based on real sales conversion data, not just a guess or through unreliable data matching. Know in an instant what’s driving sales and more importantly what’s not, so you can optimise you campaign by spending less to generate more.


Get alerts on your browser or via SMS messages if you are missing calls or aren’t generating any sales. Get instant insight on what’s holding your business back from growing sales without having to search for it.


Send out text’s asking for your customers feedback after they’ve called for greater insight into your sales journey and to measure Net Promoter Score. Find the gaps in your customer service so you can convert more sales and monitor performance.


Knowing which customers converted and which didn’t from your inbound calls enables you to analyse customers with demographic data, enabling you to understand which demographic groups you aren’t converting and which ones you are.


We push all our data to Google Analytics for greater customer insight into their journey through you site, enabling integration into existing business system, including your CRM system.

You can analyse within minutes:

If you are using Google Ads already, we’ll be able to analyse your existing account structure and detail the opportunity that local search could make to your business. We’ll also pull together industry data and relevant case studies so you can get an idea of what’s possible from adding local search into your online strategy.