Discover How A Mortgage Broker Generated A 33% Sales Conversion from Lead Generation

Discover How A Mortgage Broker Generated A 33% Sales Conversion from Lead Generation

eSales Hub makes your phone ring with sales enquiries from Google and Facebook. Using our patent-pending technology Charwin Private Clients, a large regional mortgage broker, were able to get a competitive edge over their rivals by providing higher converting mortgage leads by driving inbound sales calls from the internet.

Tracking Local Search Keywords to Sales in an Off-line Environment

eSales Hub first started working with Charwin Private Clients only six months ago. Charwin Private Clients are UK based Mortgage and Protection advisors – offering a whole of market solution direct to consumers. Charwin offer residential re-mortgages in addition to buy-to-let, and 2nd charge mortgages for those most suited to a secured loan. Up against larger brands and other mortgage brokers, the market for mortgages in the UK is very crowded.

By generating and tracking leads right through to conversion and mortgage sales commission value, we were able to see a pattern of results from specific keywords that drove a higher conversion. Not easy when the sales process for a mortgage could be as long as six months. But with 71% of local search users calling as part of the transaction, tracking the keyword that generated the lead and then mortgage completion, with commission value, gave a very interesting insight enabling a level of keyword optimisation to drive conversion. Local search terms like “mortgage broker” and “mortgage broker in” were generating lots of leads that didn’t convert.

However, there were a set of lower volume search terms that generated a much higher conversion for Charwin Private Clients. With over 71% of leads generated from Google being through phone calls, using our technology, Charwin were able to close the loop and understand exactly what keywords were driving which leads, and more importantly what keywords were driving the high value conversions. It enabled us to focus on the keywords that drove more leads that converted, ensuring Charwin Private Clients a 33% conversion.

All On A Pay On Performance Lead Model

Whilst our technology created, tracked, analysed and measured the sales that come from local search by keyword, Charwin Private Clients paid us on the results we delivered, per lead. Our cost-effective pricing model for lead generation enabled the client to de-risk their spend on Google. All costs, including Google AdWords costs, we charged on a cost per lead basis to Charwin Private Clients.

The Results Speak for Themselves

We’ll let Charwin Private Clients Managing Director, Ranald Mitchell, tell you how he got on:

“As an intermediary/broker, Charwin have been reliant on external lead generation solutions to drive new business in addition to their own activity. What has proved challenging is the low converting and poor quality of leads that were not correctly permissioned, or the consumer has only a passing interest in a mortgage. With the aggregators and comparison sites hoovering up a lot of the traffic with generic mortgage offers, this has left a reduced prospect pool to go after. We didn’t struggle to find leads but we did struggle to find quality leads – too often the consumers are ‘tyre kicking’ and a long way from being able to engage.”

I was skeptical as to whether eSales Hub would work, but within a few days, the phone started to ring. In the opening months of the campaign, 47% of calls were issued with a Mortgage Application pack and over 75% returned that pack, leading to mortgage offer and subsequent pay-out, giving us a 33% sales conversion.

So why does eSales Hub work so well? I’ve asked myself the same question and believe its the inbound call nature of the eSales Hub solution that is so effective – we can engage consumers with our experts and find solutions in minutes. That hand holding is what works best for us and we are seeing exceptional conversion rates from the activity that vastly exceed the alternative web forms.

Want to find out more or have more questions?

My goal in writing this article was to have a resource to point people to when they wanted to see how we generated leads for financial services and mortgage brokers in general. Getting lead generation to work cost effectively isn’t easy, which is why we developed our patent-pending technology to assist companies large and small to generate, track and analyse local search leads right through to sale, on a cost per lead basis.

Do you have more questions about lead generation? If so, I’d be happy to address them in the comments. If you’d like to find out more, please contact us for a free demo of our technology. Or take a look at our eSales Hub video on Youtube and hear what our customers have to say about working with us.