How Does eSales Hub Work? [Transcript of Video]

How Does eSales Hub Work? [Transcript of Video]

How does eSales Hub Work? Mark Taylor, CEO of eSales Hub, takes you through a video on exactly how we generate leads for our clients

Video Transcription

My name’s Mark Taylor and I’m going to take you through today exactly how eSales Hub works.

So as you can see from our website we pay for Google you pay per lead.

A lot of people ask me how can you do that because at the end of the day Google charges per click so how is it I can end up paying per lead whereas actually a pay Google per click. Well in this video today what I’m gonna do is take you through how our technology works and how you can end up paying per lead.

So the first thing we are gonna do is demo the technology to you because I think it’s a really important thing to actually show you exactly how our technology works what we track what we don’t track and how we generate our leads.

You can do this with me if you want to, if you just go to and what I’m
gonna do is gonna take you to Bedford today! I’m going to type in the key term unblock drain Bedford.

Now the interesting thing about this is we’re now doing what’s known as a local search. Local search according to Google CEO in the September 2018 earnings cool is their fastest growing search category so you’re gonna find over the next few years that Google’s going to do a lot of
development around local search. But it’s also interesting that Google tell us
that 50 percent of people online are already doing local searches.

Now you don’t have to have a location in your keyterm, but I’ve for it to be classified as a local search keyterm by Google. But just make its dead easy and so that you can replicate this yourself I’m adding in the Bedford keyword so you can search anywhere in UK and you’re still gonna pick up Bedford.

So what we do is let’s get the search results. Now I’m not gonna click through on the
PPC so that I don’t click on someone else’s ad and I don’t a wasting anybody else’s budget.

We do run a combined PPC and SEO strategy for all of our clients so yeah we pay for Google. Its essentially our risk and we don’t charge you a media cost we don’t charge the click cost you literally just pay as per lead, but we do run a blended model. Now as you can see
here, you can see I’ve clicked it before – unblock drain Bedford it comes up first that’s one of our clients.

So how do we get the rankings that we get for local search? We do two things and two things alone. The first one is we use schema code. Schema code is a markup language that every search engine in the world pretty much subscribes to and it’s a way of telling Google which pages to appear or how to classify a page.

The way I see is schema code, is you would use it to make the search engines life easier because you’re telling them this page is of relevant benefit to somebody who wants to unblock a drain this page is relevant to Milton Keynes, who you know who wants to unblock a drain.

There are a lot of people in the SEO world who say schema works or it doesn’t work. From our point of view we think it does work it’s one of the things that we do and it seems to work very, very well for us to get those natural search rankings.

But what’s the other thing that we do? It’s not just about the schema it’s actually about on-page optimization so again if you if you’re familiar with SEO you’ll probably get your SEO agency talking about off page and on page optimisation and a bunch of the different tactics. The only thing we do is on-page optimization. We never do anything off page. Why off page?

There’s a risk it could cause you a penalty if you’re directing backlinks. The second thing is is we believe for local search that actually too much off page optimization can have a detrimental effect so we just focus on the stuff that can have a real impact. As you probably already know there’s about 200 different parameters that Google look for that help in ranking a page. I believe to get you know get the things that you can do really well right and the rest will follow.

So you can see here we rank first so as I click through we’re now tracking that click so if I was coming from PPC at beginning the click information, click data like keyword and search term and things we get, but I’ve clicked on natural search so we still tracking you as a natural search click, but obviously Google does not share that information anymore. So I don’t know the keyword you’ve used.

However the important thing about this landing page is this telephone number
here. Google tells us that 71% of users that do a local search will call as part of the transaction. In fact our data, we’ve been going five years, suggests that actually this is more like 80 percent. But it’s an area that people often ignore. They either hide the telephone number well, they don’t want a telephone number there at all, but if you’re not displaying a telephone number then you literally to miss out on about 80 percent of your potential customers.

But the problem with having a telephone number is you’re immediately taking that customer from online, which is hugely measurable and really easy to understand and see your metrics, to an offline transaction which is really difficult to track. How do you do that well? That’s the
great thing about any eSales Hub is that we literally can track that click right the way through to sales in your CRM system which enables you to optimize your leads. With the eSales Hub it’s as if it was an e-commerce transaction. So how do we do that? What I’m gonna do is I’m
going to show you our analytics tool. So this is a report on the third Friday in July and essentially what we’re doing here is what we’re able to do is track the click data that comes from Google all the way through to data in your CRM, or your order management system – you can even manually upload them to our eSales Hub Analytics tool.

How does that work and what does that mean? Well what I’m gonna do is on here you can see we’ve got a data match here so what we do is for this particular client on this day we have matched 75% of the leads that we have generated we have matched to a data entry point on the CRM system for that day. That means to you as a client is you know we very rarely match 100% because you do get people from on an unknown number. But what do know is that any data analysis we do, whatever that percentage is, that’s the minimum that you can expect to get from the leads that we’ve generated from any data that we show you so what we’ve got here is you can see that we’ve got 14,000 pounds of open revenue. So that’s stuff that’s
been quoted but it’s not yet been invoiced. it is a bit of a work in progress type of report.

You’ve then got your sales revenue here which means 4426 they’ve actually invoiced that off on their system as a sale you can see here they’ve got fifty four percent conversion. So literally every ten leads we’re giving them they’re converting five which is a really really high ratio
and then you’ve got average invoice value of two forty five. This information is really great if you want to understand how your lead generation program is working and what your return on investment is.

But the real fun stuff is when you start connecting the click data to the sales data that’s come through a phone line because then you can see the difference in behavior of different keywords and then you can start enhancing that conversion and that average invoice value. Okay so how do we do that? I’m gonna scroll to the bottom here you can see we’ve got a report here that says keywords by call volume so you can see here we’ve got unblocked drain delivered 561 calls over the last six months and you can see the second-biggest key ready to unblock drains – yes there is literally a difference of an S in those two keywords the singular versus the plural.

We can see in the second chart, it drives completely different behavior so let’s take a look at the revenue that those keywords have generated. So as I scroll down here, this analytics tool is pretty much in real-time in its updates every hour so if you give us a sales feed we can even tell you what your results are and leads we’re generating on that day – that’s how slick the system is.

You can see here that actually the key term unblocked drains has driven over three hundred thousand pounds worth of revenue so just to count back you can see here that unblocked drains was actually the second biggest keyword for volume but as you can see here it was the number one keyword for the value – it drove a lot more revenue. However the key term unblocked drain which is singular which again if I scroll you know that that’s your number one key word for volume you can see that for value, it actually only drove ninety thousand pounds. Now you’re probably thinking as lead generation agency what the hell does that mean to the client?

At eSales Hub we’re about quality not quantity we don’t want to drive 50 leads a day and
you convert 5. What we want to do is we want to drive 20 leads a day and you convert 10 because that is a sustainable business model that is highly profitable for your the client.

That’s the difference with working with eSales Hub. Yes we’re interested in generating leads, but we’re really interested in your sales because we want to know that actually we’re making the phone ring but you’re making money out of it otherwise why would you stay as a client with eSales Hub? You wouldn’t which is why we put a lot of focus on ensuring that our clients
have a very profitable lead generation program with us. Who else looks at you know your sales data every hour? Well actually we do. You know we focus on this and we actually measure our client profitability by our leads to really understand if we’re making a difference.

And that’s why you pay us per lead not per click – we take the risk on the Google AdWords spend we take the risk on the SEO investment that we make. What you end up doing is you literally end up paying per lead and provided you know we get feedback, we are able to get some data from you so we can identify your high-value key terms so we can
drive more and more calls or more and more profitably for your business. That’s how eSales Hub works. If you have any questions please do get in contact.