eSales Hub Google Premier Partner | What is a Google Premier Partner?

eSales Hub Google Premier Partner | What is a Google Premier Partner?

eSales Hub is a Google Premier Partner – but what does a Google Premier Partner mean and what benefit does it give our clients?

What is a Google Premier Partner?

Google identifies world-class performing partners, who demonstrate expertise, technical knowledge and client success, with Google Premier Partner status – which only a few qualify for.

Google has run its partner programme for a number of years, to give technology companies, businesses and agencies access to support and resource, to help them drive more value from Google Ads.

Google Ads is Google’s self-service advertising product which has created an industry of companies that can manage the complexity of Google Ads on behalf of businesses and brands.

What is a Google Partner?

A Google Partner is an organisation that meets a set of standards dictated by Google for the delivery of management services for Google Ads.

It’s a great program as it measures an organisation’s skill level, client ad spend, the size of the agency’s client base, as well as growth levels, so you as a client know what you are dealing with.

There are two types of partners: Google Partner (blue badge) and Google Premier Partner (red badge).
It is estimated that only a handful of companies gain Google Premier Partner status, with some estimating that fewer than 10% of Google Partners world-wide have this status.

eSales Hub gained Google Premier Partner status for Search and Mobile Ads.

How did eSales Hub qualify as a Google Premier Partner?

Google doesn’t give the Premier Partner badge to just anybody. Our journey to become a Google Premier Partner started with Google five years ago.

When the company was first set up, we received support as a Google Partner via their support office in Leeds. Google really helped us to develop the first version of our eSales Hub Analytics platform, by helping us set up client campaigns and giving us insight into how the technical side worked.

In 2018 we were invited to become part of Google’s European Accelerator Programme, for those Google Partners recognised for their fast growth and client service.

This proved a major benefit for eSales Hub, and its clients, as we were able to obtain an even greater insight and support from Google. This helped us to help improve our analytics platform and provide further insight and service to our clients, whilst supporting the growth of the business.

eSales Hub then went through the rigorous process of becoming a Google Premier Partner, through demonstrating to Google:

– Client spend and revenue growth via Google Ads
– Company growth, measured through the number and size of Google Ads accounts
– Specialisms in Search Advertising and Mobile Advertising.

Having achieved the status of Google Premier Partner by providing a world-class service to our clients, and being recognised as being in the top 10% of Google Partners world-wide, we continue to work with Google to ensure we maintain this status.

What benefit does being a Google Premier Partner bring to clients?

Google trusts its Premier Partners. In the words of Google, “If you’re working with a company that’s managed hundreds of Google advertising accounts, then it’s likely to have developed expertise with Google’s advertising products.”

Google has taken a lot of steps to ensure that eSales Hub is worthy of the Premier Partner badge. The most trustworthy of all are the Premier Partners, because they know Google Ads inside out.

It’s why we developed our eSales Hub Analytics Platform, to use that knowledge and provide our clients with high-quality sales leads – without having to pay for clicks.

As part of the programme, Google Premier Partners also receive extra benefits compared to Google Partners that have the blue badge. Not only are we invited to join beta product tests and get updates, as a Google Premier Partner we also benefit from:

– Executive business training
– Dedicated account management
– New business strategy consulting
– An invitation to the Annual Partners summit

This means our clients can work with Google to obtain support and data, giving our clients the edge and helping us to develop their lead generation campaigns, whether that’s organic or paid.

The work doesn’t stop just there to keep our Google Premier Partner Status

In addition to maintaining yearly certifications and meeting minimum spend requirements, eSales Hub must also meet performance requirements. These aren’t published by Google but are linked to the sales leads we drive from Google Ads for our clients.

We have a rich history of generating high-converting sales leads and securing a strong return on investment for our clients, in categories ranging from automotive and medical, to finance and home improvements.

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