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What is eCallAnalytics?

eCallAnalytics is a leading call tracking platform that uses powerful AI to automatically categorise the outcome of every call, then analyses and provides a detailed overview of every source that a customer phone call came from, making sales tracking easy. With these insights to hand, brands can refine their marketing strategy, generate more sales and achieve incredible growth.

Getting started

1. Once the software has been installed, the AI analyses existing calls and looks for speech patterns and similarities.

2. Then the platform identifies the call categories that you want to measure and categorises each call in real-time.

3. After the analysis is complete, all important data is pushed to your preferred data platform

How does it work?

Step 1

A potential customer searches online, clicks through and then lands on your website.

Step 2

An eCallAnalytics unique phone number is positioned on your landing page for the customer to call. You can also keep your own number and then route it through eCallAnalytics.

Step 3

The call goes directly through to your business and is categorised using AI to determine the outcome of the call.

Step 4

The click source, keyword, campaign, call duration and all other relevant data can be viewed immediately. All this data is then integrated into your chosen system.

What are the benefits?

Grow your sales opportunities

With phenomenal call tracking and analysis capabilities, eCallAnalytics is an ideal solution for growing your sales.

The platform works by every call being monitored and analysed so you have an understanding of where it came from, what keywords are driving the most sales, which resources can be devoted where and more. This means you’ll be able to enhance your overall marketing strategy and build on your success.

Discover new insights

When analysing a call, the platform automatically generates a full transcript packed full of conversational gems that are worth their weight in gold.

You’ll be able to identify keywords that people are using, gain insight into services they’d liked to see in future, understand what needs to be improved about your offerings and truly get to the heart of what customers are saying about you.

Improve budget efficiency

Through eCall’s rich call tracking feature, you can identify the marketing strategies that are contributing towards calls, traffic and sales.

This involves looking at the channels that are influencing sales, the budget that’s being used for different campaigns, the cost per acquisition and more. As a result, you can be more strategic with your spending and be able to determine true ROI.

Embrace the future of call tracking