Covid-19 Update – We Are Open and Operating as normal.

Covid-19 Update – We Are Open and Operating as normal.

We are generating leads and job applicants online, ensuring we drive valuable revenue for our clients during this tough period.

Covid-19 is affecting everyone – but we can get through it if we all support each other. Looking after our customers and employees is our top priority. We’ll be working hard to ensure we continue to generate leads on your behalf when you need them the most – no matter what.

Unless you tell us, we will continue to generate leads. I am seeing a slow down in some areas, but also an increase in others. Anything that requires little or no travel from customers e.g. financial services purchased over the phone, an engineer visit to a home/business or survey of a property, is still getting a lot of searches and therefore lead volumes have increased. Staff recruitment has also seen a surge with online applications above January levels, 100% up year on year for March, for those clients where we generate online job applicants.

Looking at the data from Spain and Italy, internet traffic has surged by an almost unimaginable level. Whilst on lock down, the Spanish and Italian are still researching products, services and brands ready for when this is over.

Our staff are on hand to help you. You can still call us on 01302 639561 or email your account manager. If you have any issues accessing your account on our Analytics Platform, contact us immediately.

There are also a number of steps you can take to ensure you are driving business locally from those that need your help. If you need any help actioning any of the steps below, my team will can advise you on what to do and how to do it:

1) Issue a Covid-19 Update that your are open for business on your site: We’ve added an additional header to your site (if we host the pages) to advise you are trading and operating as normal, but taking more precautions because of Covid-19. You should add a statement, similar to this, to put potential customers minds at rest if they need your service or product.

2) Update Google My Business with a post: If you search for eSales Hub on Google, you’ll notice we’ve uploaded a post to advertise that we are open and operating as normal. Make sure potential customer know that you are still open for business and operating as normal via Google My Business.

3) Social Media Posts: As the current situation is changing daily, use social media including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to keep your customer updated on any changes to your normal service. If you’ve got some good news stories, now is the time to get them out to your customers.

4) Give a discount to NHS and Key Workers: Its your choice, but you could offer a discount to NHS staff and key Workers during this time to show further support.

We know things are particularly tough for businesses with the uncertainty of when this will end. If we all look out for each other, we’ll get through this together.