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What is eCallAnalytics?

The industry leader in call analytics technology, eCall categorises, examines and details every source that a customer phone call came from. With this information to hand, digital marketing agencies are in a better position to provide key insight to clients and develop stronger marketing campaigns.

What are the benefits?

Gain insight into customerbehaviour for your clients

As an intuitive AI platform, eCall provides agencies with the ability to categorise and analyse the sources customer enquires came from on behalf of their clients. Whether it’s a new business lead from a phone call or an enquiry generated from an ad, digital agencies have greater visibility of customer behaviour across multiple sectors.

Develop better ad campaigns

Once eCall has provided a thorough analysis of a source, this data can be used by an agency to refine their client’s marketing strategies and ads. The data will show information like keywords, what kind of services people are looking for and what needs to be updated on a website.

Armed with this knowledge, digital agencies can create resonant ad campaigns and grow client revenue.

Showcase true ROI

By tapping into eCall’s call analytics feature, marketing agencies can demonstrate ROI to their clients. This is achieved through having more insight into the types of strategies that are bringing in calls, enquires and conversions.

Whether it’s identifying influential sales channels or being more analytical about ad spend, you’ll be in a stronger position to show your clients the true value of your services.

Customer Testiomonial

“The eCall Analytics platform from eSales Hub has revolutionised the way we report on ROI on our clients’ paid media campaigns. The call tracking element has allowed us to measure return from phone calls for the first time, helping us with our attribution modelling and overall campaign performance. Knowing the outcome of calls from campaigns we’re running, allows us to get the greatest return from the client’s budget, allowing us to be more efficient as an agency and deliver a more well-rounded service. It’s also been a pleasure working with the eSales Hub team and we’re excited to grow our partnership further”

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